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TC Dies

Elevated cost of raw materials, higher energy rates and increased transportation costs are just some of the issues which are forcing wire drawing manufacturers to take a hard look at ways to reduce costs and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Because wire drawing dies play such an important role in wire drawing, it is usually one of the first items that receive careful scrutiny. Unfortunately, many manufacturers think that switching to a lower cost TC Die will boost the balance sheet. In reality, an inferior TC Die will translate into escalated costs resulting from frequent production halts.

In fact, when examining the total cost, the cost of TC Dies is often as low as just one percent of actual costs of wire drawing, while the bulk of costs are labor and other overhead costs. Saving a fraction on the price of the TC Dies in the end may actually cost a company lot more in the long run.

Selection of TC Dies is crucial for a wire drawing company. Standard Dies And Tools has been manufacturing high quality TC Dies since 1980 with quality being the sole guiding principle. For superior quality, we use only content certified TC Pellets. As a result, we are one of the biggest customers of M/s Kennametal India Limited in wire drawing TC Pellets segment.

Different types of wire require different types of TC Dies. Standard Dies and Tools manufactures TC dies for the following types of wires: