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Die drafting scheduler / Die sequence calculator

1. Fixed number of dies

Die# Bore
M/s Standard Dies And Tools,

Dear Sir,

You are requested to kindly quote the price for the following die sequence:
Die# Bore

Kindly get back to us for further information.


2. Fixed area reduction

Die# Bore

Die drafting and die sequence

The exact die drafting schedule or a die sequence for a particular wire drawing job is a function of area reduction and total number of dies. Each factor influences the other. While input and final wire size are generally fixed due to market constraints, area reduction and total number of dies can be changed according to the situation at hand.

The following die drafting scheduler or die sequence calculator can be used to find out the exact die sequence. The resulting die set is mathematically calculated and obviates any need to physically try out the die sequence in machines. It can be used in the following two situations: